Q: What does Biomimi mean?

A: Biomimi is short for biomimicry, a design philosophy that emulates nature for beautiful and sustainable solutions. Probably the most popular example of biomimicry is Velcro, which was inspired by the small hooks on the burdock plant. Mimi is also Priscilla's middle name, so it has a double meaning.


Q: Do you take art commissions?

A: Yes, during quieter times of the year I do take on commissions. Simple sketches start at $50. For a full color one-of-a-kind custom piece (20-40 hours of work), rates start at $300. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the project and time invested. Discounts are available for all Patrons and may be negotiated for non-patrons. Turnaround time for a fully rendered piece is usually 2-4 weeks. To inquire about commissions, please reach out with details about your project on the contact page.


Q: Do you sell originals?

A: Yes, originals are currently only sold at in-person events and on Patreon. Patrons get 20-50% off originals. I am also open to special requests. To inquire about originals, please reach out on the contact page.


Q: Can I tattoo your art on my body?

A: I have a couple conditions for this. First I must approve the tattoo artist. Most people are not able to accurately recreate my fine line drawings of humans on skin. Second you must purchase a certificate of permission to tattoo my art, which is around $50-150 depending on design. This is standard practice for all artists. Yes, I understand this concept is odd considering it is your own body, but artists hold the copyrights to their own art and thus reproductions (even on your own body) is protected by those copyright laws. Also if you appreciate the art, it should feel good to support the artist! With your certificate of permission, I will also include a file with a cleaner line drawing that you can present to your tattoo artist so they will have an easier time recreating the piece.


Q: How long does it take for me to receive my order?

A: Your package will be shipped within 1-3 business days. I try to process your orders same-day if possible. For US recipients, delivery usually takes 2-6 business days. For international recipients, delivery it usually takes 6-10 business days.


Q: Do you accept returns/exchanges?

A: I accept returns or exchanges on a case by case basis. If the return/exchange request is approved, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs or any loss in value (as agreed upon with seller) if an item isn’t returned in original condition. To submit a return/exchange request, please reach out on the contact page.


Q: How do I view my order history?

A: To view your order history, you can login to your account or ask the chat bot to provide you details of your order. Please have your order number on hand.


Q: How do I get discounts?

A: There are several ways to get discounts.

- Come to one of my in-person events. I often have in-person discounts that aren't available anywhere else!

- Become a Patron. Patrons get the biggest discounts every single month along with other free goodies! Even 20-50% off originals! Click here to learn more!

- Join my newsletter. You get a 10% off coupon just for subscribing and occasionally I will send you more coupons and announce sales.

- Leave a review and you might get rewarded!

- Follow my Instagram stories. Occasionally I might share a coupon or announce a sale there.


Q: Do you ship anywhere else besides US & Canada?

A: Currently I only ship within US and Canada, due to complicated import regulations. However if you email me with the product(s) you would like to order and your location, I might be able to arrange an exception. Please reach out to me on the contact page.


Q: Do you still do custom silk flower arrangements?

A: Yes. There is no minimum for custom silk flower arrangements. Please reach out on the contact page. Just send me the specifications on what you want. Please include what size, color, favorite flowers, style, and budget you have in mind, along with some inspiration photos.


Q: Do you sell fresh flowers?

A: No. Unfortunately I do not sell perishable because of their short shelf-life and complicated shipping process, but you may ask me for florist recommendations in NYC. I have many connections from working as a floral designer for over 7 years.